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  • MathiasTCKMathiasTCK Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    MEDUSAS GAZE is 110th w 17/20 needs 3 for pve ending in 2h
  • Pantera236Pantera236 Posts: 44 Just Dropped In
    Gxf2 is looking for members

    Gxf2 is a t50 pvp alliance and is part of the guardianxforce alliance family. There are no requirements for pve but if you do pve we reorganize for it each day. Looking for 900+ for pvp but if you score higher or lower for a particular event there is options to step up or down for that event. Line is required, dm me here if interested!!!
  • arejaygeearejaygee Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    The Illuminati family is looking for new players. 

    We have a couple of t50 spots for hybrid players that can hit 120% on regular PVE events (higher for releases) and a minimum of 575 for PVP. 

    We also have a few spots in a t250 PVE alli. We’re looking for players who can hit progression or close. There’s no roster requirement—developing rosters are great. 
    •We’re a large family (10 allis) able to accommodate a variety of play styles. There are always opportunities to move around the family if you want more of a challenge or if you need to relax and take a break.

    •We have an active and helpful community on discord (and a smaller presence on line.)

    •We try to balance competition and placement with helping players develop their rosters and enjoy the game.

    •If this sounds like what you’re looking for, or if you have any questions, pm me.
  • KarlemaynKarlemayn Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
    Hey, we've got one opening now!


    Alliance - The Good Place - has 1 spot open for alliance events. We are a casual group that has a solid core of active players that routinely finishes alliance events.

    Requirements - The only requirements are to play every day and to hit progression during alliance events. No minimums for regular PVP or PVE events.

    Most of the group are 4-star players and above. If you are interested please PM me or apply in-game to The Good Place.

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    We are a casual daily play alliance and we have a couple spots to fill. We have no requirements other than play daily and turn up for the alliance events. We always finish those events 100%!
    Many of us have been around since the start but new players are welcome. We play a mix of pvp/pve and hit alliance events hard. We also have an active chat. 
    If this sounds like a good fit please pm me. Thanks
  • haro63haro63 Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    DeadpoolsTacos is looking for 1 permanent players.
    We are a Hybrid Alliance.  We require full progression for PVE (T100), and prefer 900+ PVP (but can flex that number for a motivated PVE player).  Full boss event participation is required.
    PM myself or ssbledsoe w/ interest or further questions!  Thanks!
  • Kwalls16Kwalls16 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In

    Alliance - pinstripe - has 2 spot open for alliance. We are a groupie daily players that has a solid core of active players that aim to finish alliance events.

    Requirements - The only requirements are to play every day and to try and hit progression during alliance events. No minimums for regular PVP events.

    Pm me or apply in game!


  • Quality_OpQuality_Op Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Maybe you're tired of playing solo...
    Alliance not meeting your needs?
    Recruits wanted for TEAM AWESOME!
    Victory after victory awaits!
    Even if you have a real life too.
    Learn what a REAL alliance feels like!
    can be fun and rewarding
    without taking over your life.

    JOIN US!

    Team Awesome is looking for 1 member to make our squad complete!
    We mostly focus on Alliance Events.
    The rest of the time, play whatever you like!
    Our requirements are as follows:

    1. Play at least once every day.
    2. Play every Alliance Event, the big ones that happen once a month.
    3. In normal Alliance Events (as opposed to the multi-location ones), get a minimum score of 100,000 points.
    4. If you cannot meet the requirements for any reason, let the team know in the chat so we can cover for you.

    That's it! Sound good? Send a private message to Quality_Op to apply!
    We look forward to showing you why we deserve the name TEAM AWESOME!!!

  • GlockomaGlockoma Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
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    New alliance: 2 Groots 1 Cup

    Recruiting now for a new alliance to help promote growth of developing rosters and vets alike. Our driving principle is to meet achievable goals that mirror the capabilities brought by a variety or roster stages and player commitment. 

    Fostering communication and meeting goals is essential and rewarding for all. If you want a more family feel without all the judgement, we are the group for you. As long as you are playing at a moderate level, you should acclimate just fine. 

    We are loaded with years of information and resources to optimize your play and make the most of out the smallest amounts of time invested.

    The Alliance is up and running!

    We aim for top100 goals in both pvp and pve. 

    PVE - progression 
    PVP - 500+ 
    (Adjustments can always be made, but this should be feasible)

    Let’s make something new and fresh together; Message me through here or find me on LINE (glockom4) where we perform our communication if interested. 
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 741 Critical Contributor
    Pandas of Doom have an open spot for the upcoming season and beyond. 

    Looking for players actively trying to improve their roster, no matter their current rank or level.

    We're a top 100 pvp team (and top 250 pve) and we fully clear all the bosses. 

    Expected are:

    - communication if you'll be too busy or however otherwise prevented from playing or contributing for more than a few days (in-game is fine, some use discord, and I'm on Line too) 
    - boss events participation 
    - PVP season events contribution, 6k+ season give or take (not necessary for newish rosters) 

    Other than boss fights, PVE is not required. Some do merc for new releases regularly though. 
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