Alliance Recruitment Thread



  • Albion25
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    Happy to have you if you want to check us out. Alliance set to private, but search and join. If Danny does join, we still have one more space

  • Jinx
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    I joined. In pending status. Kind of sucks though. Thought I would get rewards from the alliance I joined the heroic event with, but it’s not displaying, so I may have lost that. Makes that whole event a waste if that’s the case.

  • BagPuss
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    Earth group has a few spots open within the family

    Earth 450 - T50ish PvP + T100 Heroic boss.
    Looking for say 500ish and event and must play boss events from the start (especially first day, heroic and regular). PvE rank T250ish

    Earth 270 - Casual + T100/250 Heroic Boss events.
    Looking for causal players that will play boss events from the start (heroic and regular).

    One of the oldest alliances around, low drama, usually low stress. But really lazy boss play is unfortunately also been deprecated.

  • itsuka7
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    edited 17 November 2023, 17:12

    The AoP group is a group of PVE focused alliances. We are recruiting for:

    AoP 4ever. T250, sometimes t100 PVE alliance. We ask minimum 70% of full progression in pve. No reqs for pvp. Daily play, communication if you cannot meet reqs for some reason. Boss events focus on normal one, heroic one as best as we can. AoP 4ever uses the Line chat app to communicate, but it is not mandatory to have it as long as you communicate properly. To properly play and finish the boss event you need to have a roster with champed 3* or better (and not giving up in the later rounds).

    To apply, please contact me on Line ID itsuka789, on Discord (itsuka7) or pm here on the forum, or walk in and talk when set to public

    position filled

  • St_Bernadus
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    Lock and Load5 has 2 spots open. We are top 250 pve/pvp, reqs 0.3x full and 300 pts in pvp, though as long as we stay in the top 250 we don't worry if you missed the mins. Full boss participation expected! We have a Line channel but that is not required. Message me if you are interested!

  • Hookooekoo
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    Do you like tacos? Well, DeadpoolsTacos, part of the large Lock and Load family of alliances, is looking for 1 permanent player!

    We are a Hybrid Alliance that places typically T25 in PVP and T25 in PVE. Requirements are 1.3X progression in PVE and prefer 900+ in PVP (but we can flex that number for a motivated PVE player). Full boss event participation is required.

    We are a laid back alliance that likes to have fun but we do reach our placement goals. Line is great for communication, but not required. Please pm with interest or further questions! Thanks!