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    wirius wrote:

    I can like aspects of a game and still think it's poorly implemented. I enjoy the match-3 gameplay and the abilities of MPQ and still despise the progression aspects, for example. I keep coming back to the game because I keep looking for the enjoyable moments that are, in fact, there, and I keep quitting after a few minutes because I get so disgusted with all the manipulative nonsense going on with the "buy more buy more buy more" stridency of the game. As a result, I have spent far less on this game than I likely would have if the game offered more opportunity to pick and choose how I want to play without opportunistically making me pay through the nose for every little tiny thing.

    Does that make me sound like a satisfied customer? I am, after all, still playing. Instead of quitting, I express my dissatisfaction by refusing to participate in a paywall structure, where another structure probably would have given me reason to pay into it. Is that unreasonable?

    Not unreasonable at all. For example, I don't find the effort versus reward of PvE fun, so I don't play it. I also don't find it a great fun-to-effort ratio to grind out CP or push to 1300 in pvp. I do play DDQ a lot. That's all in their metrics. If for example, lots of people stopped playing PvE, they would look at upping the rewards to get people to play again. If people stopped pushing for LT's, they would relook at the system and adjust the reward payout to entice people to do so. If they aren't changing the system, then you can be sure its probably doing just fine.

    "Doing just fine" by what metric? Earning as much as they could? Satisfying as many customers as possible to the greatest extent possible? The argument that those are the same thing is what I have a hard time swallowing. The reality is, I don't think they're doing either of them. I think their aggressive monetization is hurting their business practice and they're just afraid to mess with it because whales are more reliable than the supposedly fickle masses.
    What they don't understand is what they want. They believe they want to be able to earn 5* covers without realising that the minute they are earnable they will never be able to earn them since the same top end players will earn all the best prizes which earn them now.

    Ah. but here's the thing. A random distribution has an inherently larger average deviation from the mean than any other distribution the game has ever used. For any particular player's level of roster strength, there are going to be certain covers which maximize the experience of progression. For example, a 1* player could pick up a 5* cover, but it would short circuit his experience. It might be thrilling, but it would make the game experience, overall, less interesting, since suddenly nothing but 4*s and 5*s mean much of anything to him. Similarly, when a 4* gets a recruit token, he just cashes it in for the 100 Iso it probably represents without noticing or caring. The whole rigmarole of the animation is a bother more than anything else.

    Completely independent of the actual game mechanics, there's an ideal speed of progression that balances degree of completion of the game with fun value. If fun value were an objectively measurable variable, it would be trivially easy to model that ideal speed with a differential equation. It isn't, but that doesn't mean such an equation doesn't exist. I'm pretty sure it does, just because I know my current experience is below that line, and has also been above the line. So at some point I must have crossed the line.
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    MaxxPowerz wrote:
    With all of the new 4* being introduced, are people still that desperate for 5* covers that it is their only motivation for playing? I'm really looking forward to covering some of these new characters, I would almost rather pull those from my tokens than a 5*. Is competition so stiff in the PVP ranks these days?
    Yes, it is. I have a stack of championed 4*'s (nine off the top of my head, might be forgetting one), so usually have one boosted in PvP - sometimes two. I still get the small cats beaten out of me in PvP by people with a decent OML.

    Last night I opened 170 legendary tokens, and pulled 12 5*'s, of which exactly one was OML. That random bad luck is why I'm not competitive in high-end PvP. If I wasn't always placed in high-end PvP brackets, I wouldn't mind so much.
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    Okay, I am not totally new to the game (been playing day 449 as of today) but I am not familiar with these odds. Basically, its kind of weird that the chances are SO low of getting a badass character and also almost hard to get.
    Is there someone who would have the chance and want to take the time to explain it in easy language and without short names? I would appreciate that very much.


    Whats up with the lack of 'achievements'? Win a match without powers etc etc...

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    I don't have a problem with 5s being random. I do have a problem with the way LTs are set up.

    I can play 25 cp for a slightly increased chance for newest 3 five stars, but also for a chance at the oldest 4 stars and zero chance for older 5 stars. Then I can pay 20 cp for a chance at all the old 5 star and all the 4 stars.

    If LTs truly are the "latest" then they should only be latest 4 and 5 stars. I don't want to pay 5 extra CP for chance at IW or XFW.

    I also don't like wasting that 5 extra CP at not getting a chance for every other 5 star. Why even remove them? Just put their odds the same as 4 stars so people can still gain them.

    Basically it comes down to a system where 5 stars end up getting pulled so rarely at both stahes of the LT (when not hoarding) that every 5 star averages 2-4 covers for the vast majority.

    Note this is from the perspective of a non hoarder that wants to cash in his rewards as they come. It's crazy to me that the game basically punishes you for not hoarding.
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