Your hoarding will be LEGENDARY. [POLL]

aesthetocystaesthetocyst Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
So I started a poll earlier today, and a respondent said something near and dear to my heart:
"In order to not waste covers, I'm hoarding CP/legendaries, since I have < 50% of pulling something useful. So I'm being pushed into intentionally gimping my 5* progress...."

Whoa, me too!

Now, I know we aren't alone. I believe there are others in the same situation, so here it is, a poll on Legendary hoarding, meant to illuminate ...

    How many players are essentially 'rejecting' the RNG distribution model? And to what extent?

To keep responses simple, I couch it in terms of "Legendary pulls" hoarded, that is:

    number of LTs you have on hand (if any) + your stockpiled CP / 20

For instance, if you have 9 LTs and 75 CP, that 9+75/20 = 9+3.75 = 12.75 Legendary pulls stockpiled.

Please vote accordingly!

You can change your vote, so feel free to come by and update as time goes passes.


EDIT 6/2/16: This thread lives yet! Wow! Checked re-voting on the poll so people can update as their needs and wants change. And change again.
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  • aesthetocystaesthetocyst Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hello, my name is aes and I am a hoarder. 77 LT / 1115 CP.
  • mpqr7mpqr7 Posts: 2,582 Chairperson of the Boards
    I don't feel like I save anything by waiting. I'd rather just take the L now.
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  • fmftintfmftint Posts: 3,266 Chairperson of the Boards
    0, and not because of OML. EVERY LT has value, either trainable, a champoin level, or much needed iso.

    You're not only gimping potential 5☆ progression, but overall progression out of a misplaced fear of drawing a "unneeded " cover
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  • wymtimewymtime Posts: 2,610 Chairperson of the Boards
    I am hoarding about 17 tokens from CP. I am waiting till I have built up a little bit more ISO before pulling them. I am also debating direct buying 1 red Cyclops to make him 13 covers so I can then max level him. I might pull all LT I might direct buy. Vi also find pulling 10-20 at one time mentally more rewarding since I can use some and also track my odds better.
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  • aesthetocystaesthetocyst Posts: 4,833 Chairperson of the Boards
    fmftint wrote:
    0, and not because of OML. EVERY LT has value, either trainable, a champoin level, or much needed iso.

    You're not only gimping potential 5☆ progression, but overall progression out of a misplaced fear of drawing a "unneeded " cover

    Oh, I suspect that far and away the "winner" of this poll will be "0".

    As for the rest, we all must make our own appraisal of the game's economy in relation to our roster.

    In my situation, a 4* cover today is, in all likelihood, worth far less than said cover will be tomorrow. I refer you to the list of 4* champ rewards.

    As for the covers I can use now, my current roster continues to progress nicely just off the remaining fixed cover rewards in the game, and the occasional 4* that pops out of a vault or a 'lesser' token.
  • RuinateRuinate Posts: 438 Mover and Shaker
    When championing came out, I hoarded because I barely had any 3* and 4* ready to be championed. I saved 50 legs and several hundred gold tokens until it became too exhausting.

    I do not hoard anymore. I don't care if I pull a Carnage now or in the distant future because at this rate, with our current Iso flow, he will never be championed. A Carnage pull is a waste no matter when I pull. However pulling one OML cover now, while he is still king, will make a massive difference.
  • stowawaystowaway Posts: 501 Critical Contributor
    fmftint wrote:
    You're not only gimping potential 5☆ progression, but overall progression out of a misplaced fear of drawing a "unneeded " cover

    My motivation for hoarding is't really about trying to optimize the usefulness of every single cover pulled. When I grind through a week-long PvE and end up pulling a useless cover, I get angry -- at the game, and at myself for playing it. If I wait and pull 50 at once I'm certain to get some nice rewards, and I don't have a direct "Enemy of the State gave me Invisible Woman green" association. Rage quitting tinykitty progression a lot more than holding on to tokens for a couple of months.

    I'm at 30: 8 tokens and 442 CP.
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  • TxMooseTxMoose Posts: 4,318 Chairperson of the Boards
    I try to hoard. up to 309 cp and 4 LTs. the last 2 times I've hit 400cp, I hit a moment of weakness and pulled them. I'd like to max a few more before I pull my hoard, but we'll see how long I can hold out. the next ones I'm working on aren't close (xpool from 145, xfw from 172 and x23 from 70), so will be quite a while. regardless of what happens, I will pull everything I have before they add 5* #7 (2 more). at that point, OML drops from 3.33% to 2.5%. if don't get a yellow after that....not sure what i'll end up doing. I may be the only one left in my alliance without one. I think there might be 1 other poor sap. most have been around quite a bit longer, and some spend more (some a lot more), but I'm still in the middle of the pack performance-wise.

    really looking forward to hearing about aes's token part - will be.....legendary. hope so anyway - if not, will still be legendary, just in the other way.

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  • TazFTWTazFTW Posts: 695 Critical Contributor
    2 LTs and and 10 CPs with 25 CPs on their way from Venom Bomb. The season is coming to a close, so the tokens will add Quake and MaxPun shortly. Every 4* added means a lower chance of CHulk.
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  • acescrackedacescracked Posts: 803 Critical Contributor
    I'm at 29 LTs and 1025 CP. Hoarding currently until I lvl max 4* cyc, rhulk and Ghostrider. Also, since I don't mind 4* land (actually enjoy it more). The 5* only MMR isn't for me.

    If I get 4* punisher covered then I'll be waiting even longer before I open. Have an alliance mate whose over 1k CP and waiting till he hits 2k CP before opening.
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  • madokmadok Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    I'm hoarding CPs/LTs so I can stay on target with working towards getting Bobby leveled up and champed when his blue cover comes up in PVP. It would be too easy to start opening those tokens and get distracted by the new shiny.
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  • TrykeTryke Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
    Recently opened my 50 stockpiled tokens+cp, down to zero now.

    Reasoning: roster slots.
  • venyveny Posts: 617 Critical Contributor
    0 but with every opening i am risking i will get the duplicate of cca 10 maxed colors.
    After getting 13th card of Wolverine 4* i will stop opening LTs before i make him legendary (considering the amount of non-maxed 3*s it will take 1 year icon_e_biggrin.gif )
  • UthgarprimeUthgarprime Posts: 188 Tile Toppler
    I have 371 CP and 8 tokens. I am hoarding cause I want to champ all 3*'s first, don't like to throw away covers when I can get more LT's and CP with Champs.
  • stochasticismstochasticism Posts: 1,169 Chairperson of the Boards
    12 LTs + 2301 CP = 127 total tokens.

    I'm in the boat of having most 4*s max covered (except for the newest releases) but nowhere near enough ISO to level them. I'm basically saving tokens now until peak 5* happens, i.e they announce the 7th 5* and then make the value of classic tokens for getting specific characters forever lower. Until then I am amassing ISO with the goal of being able to champ any top tier 4* that I get a large amount of covers for when I open all my saved tokens in about 2 months.
  • 53 leg/1540 cp = 130 total tokens

    I had a leg opening party a month or so ago and I'll have a classic party here in the next few weeks. I tend to open in chunks. It gives me a target few chars to build/work on. The further along I get maxing my roster, the bigger chunks I open. It's going to be weird when I can run the well dry because I don't pull anything that coerces me stop opening tokens and focus on iso gathering.
  • PongiePongie Posts: 843 Critical Contributor
    Only have 12 Legendary tokens but I do have 1090 command points.

    I'm hoarding because my 4* are mostly covered now and I'm slowly championing them at a rate of 1 a fortnight. So perhaps in 3 months time, I will open them.

    Would of had more tokens if I resisted the urge to gamble for black suit Spider-Man (18 tokens). But I guess I would have opened them anyway just before OML rotated out (another 18 tokens).
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  • GMadMan040GMadMan040 Posts: 207
    The question that I am most curious about is at what point does the potential ROI of a legendary token move into negative territory?

    (I realize that these numbers are not precisely accurate for either the present moment, due to certain characters who are not yet available in LT's, nor in the future as more characters get added. Just throwing out hypotheticals to get to the point of my question.)

    For example, right now there are 27 4* characters in the game (not counting Devil Dino), with each character having 3 possible covers apiece. That is then 81 possible unique 4* covers that can be pulled from a LT token, plus 15 possible 5* covers. Though with any legendary pull there is only a possible total of 9 5* covers from whichever variant you are choosing.

    So that means that in this scenario there are 90 total possibilities from either legendary token variant.

    I currently have 9 of these 90 maxed out. That means that, for me, an LT has a 90% chance of being immediately useful in upgrading my roster. (Damn if that sure doesn't seem like the case with those dupes I've pulled). So for right now, there is no reason for me to hold onto anything. I am actually holding myself back by not utilizing these tokens.

    However, there is clearly a point in which it starts to become a poor idea, as many rare covers will just go to waste (1000 ISO for a 4* token is beyond a waste, it's embarrassing).

    Personally, I'm looking at about 75% being the point at which I start hoarding up tokens and CP.

    What would that number be for anyone else?
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  • InariusInarius Posts: 126 Tile Toppler
    I used to hoard them but since their order is predetermined I don't waste time anymore and open them on the spot

    just yesterday I got 3 venom lethal protector covers out of 5 LT with last month giving me 4 of his green covers out of 10 LTs, bringing him to 4/1/3 XD
  • Lee TLee T Posts: 318
    I currently have 28 LT and 281 CP, I see no need to open them for the moment as their content is next to no use for my current roster . A few 4* covers wouldn't have much an effect unless I had a lucky distribution and I do not need an under covered 5* to ruin my scaling.

    I plan on opening them when I have championned every 3* and my ISO is for my 4* only.

    NB : I'm also closing in 600 Taco Tokens.
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