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  • DuckyDucky GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 2,255 Community Moderator
    My hoard is small. Only 104 CP and 6 LTs atm (only about a weeks worth and I missed a PvP and PvE). Normally I have no hoard, but I am eagerly awaiting a certain new feature that hasn't yet gone live yet.
  • XenoberyllXenoberyll Posts: 647 Critical Contributor
    Oh my...another zombie thread back from the dead...

    Hoards should be a lot bigger by now icon_e_wink.gif
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,732 Chairperson of the Boards
    My how things have changed. When this first came out I said 0. Now I'm at 7. With 44 LT & 465 CP currently saved.
  • Bloody_MarvelBloody_Marvel Posts: 209 Tile Toppler
    Upgrading to 8 today, so I changed my vote icon_e_smile.gif.
  • FightmastermpqFightmastermpq Age Unconfirmed Posts: 995 Critical Contributor
    So my 5* roster is pretty diverse at this point with 7 champs and I decided that I am going to switch back to classics mostly for champ levels on 4s and 5s. But this week I had to sell a bunch of 4* covers from characters that I don't yet have the ISO to champ, and as I transition back to spending CP on classics I want to try to minimize the number of 4s I have to sell. So I'm not so much hoarding as saving until I can pull classics with a lower risk of having to sell them off. Bonus heroes should actually help with this process if it works like I'm thinking it will.
  • BoyWonder1914BoyWonder1914 Posts: 822 Critical Contributor
    1026 CP and counting. Don't hoard LTs since I consider them free shots, as you get to keep your CP. I hoard out of indecision more than anything. I have 6 4* champs, and then 8 that are fully covered. Even more that are just 1-2 covers away. For these people that are 1-2 covers away, most are 5/2/5, 5/1/5, 5/2/4, or some variation of these that equates to a high "waste" rate. It's often hard to decide if it's worth it to just drop the 120 CP for the last cover, or wait for the game to maybe offer it in some kind of other way. There's also the ever-important matter of champing and ISO. I don't want to race against the clock to champ someone who's really not any kind of serious priority to champ.
  • blargrxblargrx Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    79 LL and 3150 cp saved... waiting for the new bonus feature to see how it will change my pulls.

    Will probably cash in my cp for classics and just keep hoarding my LL. I don't really have a desire to get into 5* land
  • Black DukeBlack Duke Posts: 694 Critical Contributor
    I have 74 LTs and 1000 CP on my bank now. I´ll probably hoard them until I have championed all of the latest 12 (Agent Coulson, IF, Mordo and Riri are left) or until they release a 5* character I really want to have (maybe Thor?).
  • moogles85moogles85 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 170 Tile Toppler
    Cashed in my tokens (139 LT + 1800 CP + 6 LT from champ covers) because I wanted to get Thanos and not StarFailLord...

    Pulls lined up fairly well with the odds...

    5/6/2 Thanos
    3/5/5 Hawkeye
    5/4/1 Panther

    32/217 is 14.7%.

    With bonus covers (which I got lucky with 4 Thanos), 36/217 = 16.6%

    I've still got 720~ CP - not sure if I should continue, because I don't think that will help me cover Panther...
  • UnsmashableTimUnsmashableTim Posts: 60 Match Maker
    I hoard until The latest 12 is an entirely new latest 12. Then the Cp unload begins anew :) 
  • blargrxblargrx Posts: 150 Tile Toppler
    Haha same waiting for a new 12. 

    Currently 112 LT, 2500cp and about a 1000 odd event/taco tokens 
  • Tiger_WongTiger_Wong Posts: 464 Mover and Shaker
    Been hoarding because I don't want anymore Thanos covers and I don't have a lot of ISO to champ some 4* I have. 

    19 LL
    411 CP

  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    Been hoarding because I don't want anymore Thanos covers

    I know all those Words, but that sentence makes no sense...
  • Tiger_WongTiger_Wong Posts: 464 Mover and Shaker
    Neither does capitalizing "words" in your sentence. 
  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 8,070 Chairperson of the Boards
    Neither does capitalizing "words" in your sentence. 
     phone does weird autocorrects, often enough that I can't be bothered to correct it.
  • YoikYoik Posts: 241 Tile Toppler

    As of this morning I have 1289 CP 69 Ledge tokens.


    Ill keep going until SL is out of latest or they make him viable and I have 250 plus pulls

  • PhillipesPhillipes Age Unconfirmed Posts: 431 Mover and Shaker
    I have never less than 70 LTs and 1000 CPs.
  • sambrookjmsambrookjm Posts: 1,830 Chairperson of the Boards
    I thought I was bad with 21 Legendary Tokens and 504 CP stashed away.  I've got 3 4* characters with 13 covers (and cover #14 for Mordo in my stash thanks to the PvE) and an ISO deficit for just those three of about 800K.  Until they're all champed, no LT pulls.
  • bbiglerbbigler Posts: 1,400 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm planning on and looking forward to opening my hoard in a couple months.  Because of ISO deficiency, I've naturally hoarded 87 LT and 1432 CP = 144 Pulls, to date.  My goal is 260 pulls. 

    I still open 5 - 7 Classics each week in order to champ the latest 12, but I'm currently in a large ISO deficiency.  Because of vaulting though, I can get to a point where I'm "caught up" leveling up the latest 12, because the more I champ in the latest, the less ISO debt I create with each pull.  The trick is getting the majority of the latest 12 champed, along with tons of ISO before opening the hoard.  That way I can reap all the 4* champ rewards, which I will use to open more LTs since the goal is to fully cover three 5*s.

  • mpqr7mpqr7 Posts: 2,642 Chairperson of the Boards
    In a week, I've made it to 13 pulls-worth of tokens and cp. So now, I just need to spend another 30 or so weeks, and then I'll have 300 worth. When do people usually start emptying their hoard into Latest in order to get at least one 5* to 13 covers? I hope to do that, and then maybe I'll go back and try to win more Classic 5*s through sheer luck. We'll see.
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