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  • TxMooseTxMoose Age Unconfirmed Posts: 4,319 Chairperson of the Boards
    so, looks like I will make it maxing thing before his cover expires. which means i'll need to build iso back up before I can pull. at 955 cp now and will definitely be over 1K before starting to pull.
  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    madok wrote:
    Broke 600 CP the other day. Still grinding ISO to be able to level Xpool before his 14th cover in my queue expires in a couple days. Not sure if I will make it.

    I made it this morning after grinding the last couple of Prod Sun subs to dust. God I hate the new format. Felt like all the 250 and 500 ISO prizes were always the last prize.

    Kind of sad seeing only a couple thousand ISO now.

    Moving onto banking ISO for either my 4* Cyc or possibly leveling OML up to 330.
  • DAC169DAC169 Posts: 122 Tile Toppler
    I've got just over 20, all tokens. Not because I don't need them, but because I'm waiting for Phoenix to leave the Latest packs since I like her least of the 5*s. CP I use regularly on the Classic packs, most recent pulls were ProfX blueflag.png (had 1), 4Thor yellowflag.pngyellowflag.png (had 4 icon_evil.gif ), & OML redflag.png (had 1)
  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    Up to 5 LTs and 763 CPs banked. I'm currently splitting my ISO between leveling OML up to his max of 330 and the upcoming DDQ 4*s to 140.

    Once that all done I will start banking the ISO to max my 4* Cyc and buy his 13th cover with CP when I have the ISO banked. Then it is right back to banking ISO before I actually open any LTs.
  • SnowcaTTSnowcaTT Posts: 3,345 Chairperson of the Boards
    OJSP wrote:
    So, any of you hoarders planning to open some tokens/spend your CPs for Cap/IM/Winter Soldier/War Machine?

    I'd be interested to know if you are and whether you actually get them.. icon_e_smile.gif

    I think I'm at 7-8LT's and about 240 CP (pretty much all from this season) - but my highest 5* is a 2/5/2 Phoenix. I was going to hoard until a few of my better 4*'s were maxed - but I won't be able to wait if they add characters to the tokens right away.

    Once they add one more to the newer LT's, Phoenix would drop out to the classic only - so I'll pull LT's before new characters are out to have best chance at her.

    But they are adding two 5*'s at once which might put four characters in the classic LT's - and lower the rate for any one of them. That means I'll cash in everything for both Phoenix and [the incredibly broken, seen in almost every match] OML.

    I'd expect some other hoarders to at least cash out of CP if it is confirmed the classic LT's draw rate will go down - everyone whould want to maximize their chance of [the incredibly broken, seen in almost every match] OML. Their will be wailing out there when [the incredibly broken, seen in almost every match] OML draw rate goes down, wish I could have pulled more than two covers so far of a character I have no chance of getting without RNG and apparently little chance of competing without him, considering how often I see him out there.
  • IamTheBiggsIamTheBiggs Posts: 212 Tile Toppler
    I hoard until season's end, then I make a video line this one when I open them:

    I've been admonished for some of my choices, and possibly rightly so.
  • ChuckFanChuckFan Age Unconfirmed Posts: 45 Just Dropped In
    I don't have the willpower to wait, so I open them as I get them. Though I'm beginning to see why longer time players would hoard, as I've recently completed my first 2 4-stars: Fury & XFW, but have 0 ISO to level them anywhere.

    The positive is that I've also managed to pull 18 5-star covers as well, and any future 5-star cover pull will still be useful to me.
  • mohiomohio Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,690 Chairperson of the Boards
    @ Aes - Inquiring minds want to know...Does the prospect of 2 new 5* entering the "Latest" pool pushing BSSM into the "Classic" pool (thus diluting chances at OML, which is like the only 5* that matters right?) make you want to use all that CP finally?

    I will note we don't actually know just yet when they will be added to these tokens or how it will be handled, so far it's all speculation, just curious how the hoarders out there are planning ahead.
  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    I'm with Aes on this one. I still won't open LTs until my ISO situation is at a point to handle it. It has been so nice not worrying about can I grind enough ISO before a cover expires. I get some and toss it at my ddq 4*s or my OML.

    Once the ddq season starts over and I have OML finished off, I can make my next plan.
  • SnowcaTTSnowcaTT Posts: 3,345 Chairperson of the Boards
    Well, I'd been holding to not waste good covers...Thing I have at 240 so I'm in striking distance and won't waste his covers, no other great 4*'s at 13 covers yet, and I see lots are opening worried about odds going down...I guess I'll join in.

    12 classic (In order)
    Venom (used)
    HB (champed)
    Rhulk (champed for LT)
    DPXF (13th....this is why I was worried and waiting.....)
    DPXF (back to back black. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RNG?!?)
    Pun (used)
    Elecktra (toss)
    Gwen (used)
    MrF (toss)
    Thing (keep to champ)
    Cho (toss)
    Falcap (toss)

    Use to toss ratio higher than expected! Zero 5*'s....and STILL only two covers of the only character that matters (OML)

    10 latest (in order)
    Nova (used)
    Cyc (champed)
    Cyc (back-to-back blue)
    Electra (toss)
    Green Phoenix
    Gwen (used)
    X23 (used, 13th)
    MrF (toss)
    Carnage (toss)
    KP (toss)
    Red Phoenix

    Note: no Ice-Man. 4/3/3, thanks RNG. Characters I have 13(+) covers of that were released after you: Rhulk, Cyc, X23, Cho (Thing/DPXF/MrF/Falcap/AntMan..I forget if they were before or after).

    Still no GG on roster. Two OML covers. One venom cover. But Green/Red Phoenix means RNG has taken me to 3/5/3 there DPXF will have to wait I guess (along with Carnage, KP, many 4*'s I'd like to level if ISO existed!) Two 5*'s making the character a bit more usable - can't argue with that.
  • PogoPogo Age Unconfirmed Posts: 185 Tile Toppler
    Sitting at about 18 LT if I also cashed in my command points. I'm barely in the early stages of 3-4 transition, softcapped around 120, and only carrying enough ISO to max out 2 of my 3-stars.

    Adding a 5-star is a worrying prospect at my level, but if it's true that there's only one 5-star possibility for each team in Civil War, I may suck it up and spend all my CP. At least now I have enough 1-cover 4-stars that there's a reasonable chance I can keep what I pull without having to free up many new slots.
  • madokmadok Age Unconfirmed Posts: 905 Critical Contributor
    Cthulhu just posted in another thread that they are looking into the "streakiness" of five stars. So that is another reason I'm glad I'm hoarding my CPs. Maybe they will actually make it better in a year or two. icon_rolleyes.gif
  • willyswimwillyswim Age Unconfirmed Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    I wait until I've got the roster slot and then pull until I fill it. Then I collect HP until I can open another slot and then repeat. That being said I'm sitting on 1 latest LT and 240cp.
  • MalorickMalorick Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
    I am hoarding since a long time too, i think i am qualified for a legendary hoarding but when i will open them. 133lt 3.5k cp....

  • revskiprevskip Age Unconfirmed Posts: 696 Critical Contributor
    My hoarding isn't quite legendary since I'm only on day 138 but I've saved up 751 CP and 6 legendary tokens. Probably going to pull them all when they move IM and Cap to Latest Legends since I have a single cover of all three of the 5*s there so any I pull will help and I am just about ready to make the jump to leveling my 4*s but have very few covers for any of them. My best covered 4*s are Quake at 1/1/5, Antman at 3/2/3 and Hulkbuster at 2/1/1 so pretty much every cover will be helpful.

    After that I plan on hoarding again so I can catch up on leveling a couple more 3*s while trying to cover max my first 4*s.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,033 Chairperson of the Boards
    Another consideration is the diluted cover pool. As you hoard your LTs for fear of wasting 4*covers, more and more 4*s are added to the pool. So your chance of getting a. usable cover goes up, but your chance of getting a cover that actually progresses your roster (by getting a cover that will build on your existing 4-10 cover 4*s) goes down.

    This is especially true with 5*s (everyone loves those classic LTs for OML), but is also true of 4*s.

    I typically decide each season of the new 4*s being added are worthwhile. If not, then I open LTs quickly, trying to take advantage of better odds for the characters i already have. But if the new releases are strong, then I might hoard until they are added to the pool.
  • johnnyzerojohnnyzero Posts: 97 Match Maker
    Checking in to say that I've joined the Legendary hoard club with 2000 CP stockpiled. I do open my legendary tokens on arrival though.

    As a result of my CP hoarding, my 5*s are nothing to write home about, but having read all the posts about how they effect your MMR, I'm not really in a huge rush to level them anyways. Instead I've been working on championing my 4*s (16 done as of right now, most recent was Capt. Falcon.) Opening my miscellaneous latest legendary tokens (DDQ, Champ rewards, Season Reward) give me my next 4* "project." Plus, the more and more 4*s I champion, the more likely my CP pulls will be "useful" (i.e, champion levels instead of 1000 ISO) upon opening.

    It's definitely the long way around to the MPQ end-game of maxed 5's, but isn't it more about the journey then the destination icon_e_wink.gif

    P.S. Another topic for another day, but if D3 offered a permanent 2x ISO modifier for 1000 CP, half my stash would be gone in an instant.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,033 Chairperson of the Boards
    Vhailorx wrote:
    Another consideration is the diluted cover pool. As you hoard your LTs for fear of wasting 4*covers, more and more 4*s are added to the pool. So your chance of getting a. usable cover goes up, but your chance of getting a cover that actually progresses your roster (by getting a cover that will build on your existing 4-10 cover 4*s) goes down.

    Ah! But I am interested in building a broad roster, not in pursuing the select few. Therefore, it is the adding a new characters that renews the value of said tokens.

    For instance, I had a "good" weekend, acquired several 4*s, and maxed out 3 more abilities, 1 on each of 3 different characters. Unfortunately that dropped my odds of pulling something from 78% to 74%. Depending on your understanding of probability, that may not sound like much, but going from an expectation of (almost) 4 of 5 useful covers to 'only' 3 of 4 is significant.

    When War Machine and Winter Soldier are added to the tokens this week(?), the odds will 'rebound' to 76%.

    Other than new characters joining the pool, the only other way to improve the odds is champing more of the characters in the pool. Working on it, but it's a long road slowly traveled in 4* land.

    I've never obsessed over specific characters. If you build them all, they all eventually get built. Chasing the meta is madness, and wasteful.


    That's all fine. But I think your position may be affected by your position in the game. You have imhb, JG, cyclops, and Cod champed. You have iceman and several other 4*s 1st 10-13 covers. With that as a baseline, you have the luxury of patiently building a broad roster; you can already attain any level of success that you desire with enough grinding.

    Players without champed top tier 4*s may not be so fortunate. Even 1k in pvp is becoming quite an unpleasant experience for 3* teams and weaker/slower 4*s.

    Anyway, this is not mean as a criticism of your approach, I stockpile a fair bit myself (just not LTs 21st the moment). Iam just trying to point out the limitations of stockpiling. If you want to build a broad roster, then the best option is definitely saving every rng resource until its value is maximized. But some people in some circumstances may value depth more than breadth ('chasing the meta' is a somewhat disparaging term, but i think it is perfectly reasonable to feel that 13 covers of iceman are much better than 13 covers spread among drax/fury/Elektra/flaptain, and deploy their resourcesaaccordingly).
  • PriceCzechPriceCzech Age Unconfirmed Posts: 63 Match Maker
    So I just used my 1680 CP to pull tokens, and I got about average with 5* pulls, which overall puts me slightly below average overall. (But I did pull 2 5*s from my 3 CW Cap tokens, so I feel like that probably bumps me up.)

    The results:
  • PriceCzechPriceCzech Age Unconfirmed Posts: 63 Match Maker
    Only 3 bagladies, 3 Cho's, and ONE Mr. Fer?????

    Not a single Fury and only 2 XFWs?????
    I was pleasantly surprised about that as well. Although I have Fury championed, so I could have used those. Oh, and no Star-Lords! (But I do need 1 more yellow to max cover him).
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