Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting

1. By posting on our forums, you agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined in our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

2. The user must be over the age of 13.

3. D3 Go! is not responsible for information or content posted on the forums. All posts are made at the user's own risk.

4. English Only, Please (This is to better identify foreign language spam, and moderation of posts)

5. You are considered a new user on the forum until you have one post approved. You can start sending Private Messages when you become a regular member, so please create your first post if you would like to send PMs. (A good place for your first post is HERE.)

6. No vulgarity or profanity. (This includes any pertinent acronyms)

7. Treat your fellow users kindly. We will not tolerate any of the following;
  • Trolling, or posting something just to get a rise out of someone.
  • Flaming, or insulting / bashing / harassing another user.
  • Posting offensive material. This includes anything that could be considered racially, religiously, or sexually demeaning or insulting. Posting a link to material of this nature is equally forbidden.
  • Offensive or profane forum user names.
  • Posting threatening material of any kind.
  • Referencing specific player names, for instance, in order to question in-game actions, or accuse of cheating (this includes nicknames and acronyms)
    • Congratulation posts [and the mentioning of other players] are permitted as long as they are done in a sincere and respectful manner. However, in the event that the player being mentioned is not comfortable with the post, they have the right to request the post or their name be removed. Please contact a moderator with your request.
  • Acting like a jerk.
  • Posting content from private messages
8. We reserve the right to delete any material that we deem inappropriate for our forums, including, but not limited to:
  • Offensive topics
  • Offensive profile avatars
  • Advocating cheating
  • Hack links
  • Insulting others
  • Spoilers
  • Data-mined or misleading information
  • Customer Support ticket conversations
  • Etc.
 9. We also reserve the right to remove anyone from our forums (temporarily or permanently) if they do not abide by the rules. Warnings and bans follow a strict point system:
  • 1 - 2 Points: Warning
  • 3 Points: Jailed (Note: If you break a forum rule when Jailed, you will be permanently banned)
    • Cannot start discussions
    • Signature no longer displays
    • Restriction on commenting
  • 5 Points: Permanently Banned
  • If a player has a Warning History of 10 points, then the next rule infraction will result in a permanent ban. *New Update*
*These are general guidelines, infractions of greater severity may escalate more quickly.
    (9b. Banned users are allowed an alternate account for private messages only (for ban appeals or communicating with other members). Posting in any thread from another account during a ban will be considered ban evasion, and will result in the user forfeiting their ban repeal.)
10. Spreading misinformation as or impersonating a D3 Go!, Demiurge, Hibernum, WayForward, or Oktagon employee is strictly prohibited, as well as spreading misinformation as or impersonating any of our volunteer moderators.

11. Please don’t restart discussions that already exist. Before starting a new thread, search our forums to see if a similar topic already exists. If you find one, contribute your content to the thread that is already established.
  • This rule only applies if the already-created discussion's most recent post was within the last month. If over a month has passed since the last comment, then please start another thread.
12. Please keep discussions in the appropriate category.

13. All polls must be unbiased. They must contain at least one neutral option, and an equal amount of opposing options. (For example: Yes, Neutral, No)

14. No spamming. This includes posting off-topic content, advertisements, low-content posts like lone emoticons, or any other posts that do not actually contribute information to the topic at hand (such as *bump* posts).

15. Nobody likes it when you type in all caps. Just sayin’.

If you notice another user doing any of the above, please contact our moderators or community manager (Brigby), rather than trying to correct that person’s behavior on your own.

Additional posting rules relating to Marvel Puzzle Quest Alliances can be found HERE.

*Forum Rules last updated: 1/26/2018
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