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ATPQ Characters, ahoy!

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Posts: 2,872Age Unconfirmed Site Admin
edited July 2016 in ATPQ Character Discussion
Let's discuss abilities, teams and strategies for the Adventure Time Puzzle Quest characters!

Finn!? Jake!? Slush!? Ooo is the best?


  • FitchFitch Posts: 6Age Unconfirmed
    I fought against Marceline and I can't wait to get her in my roster.
    She did this move that looked like it might be generating health? She jumps in the middle and green rings (and notes) emenate from her. But no characters had any numbers pop up (so no healing or hurting?) and I wasn't sure what it was doing.
    Also, I was thinking it'd be cool if her sounds, electric guitar riffs, were in the same key as the level music so they seem to fit in better. Pipe dream, I'm sure. :)
  • KaeyneKaeyne Posts: 68Age Unconfirmed Match Maker
    The question that is on most people's minds is probably: when is Fiona coming to ATPQ? icon_e_wink.gif
  • I like Fin's column destroy for a small bronze skill it's very powerful also jakes taunt can be a life saver for silver ability and flame princess has a nice cross destroy tile ability that helps nab treasure chests and the looker I seen is the bunch of worms skill lets you take up to 3 extra turns ! Sweet
  • Is there any way a Bronze character can evolve into a Silver one?
  • Emi Sanada wrote:
    Is there any way a Bronze character can evolve into a Silver one?

    I've been wanting to know this! If they can't, then why do they have abilities that you can't access? I mean, why show them if there isn't a way to activate them?
  • littleboatlittleboat Posts: 5Age Unconfirmed Just Dropped In
    I got a silver Slush, and their second ability says it drops ice blocks on the enemies. Sure that's what happens visually, but there's no damage or board effect or anything. What does this ability do?
  • So, I've been leveling my Jake and Finn. I'm hopeful that they will turn into silver star characters once they reach above Level 31... But I don't know. Sometimes, when I get the wishes, I don't get characters, but in the recruits, it has the characters... which is weird. Also, I happened to get 2 3* characters, which is pretty cool. Managed to snag a 3* Gunther, with all his abilities. But now I'm in the glitch where it says I don't have anything to feed the characters, and now I can't level his abilities. I don't think leveling his Bottle Breaker ability will really do anything, unless it turns into something like Daredevil's Radar Sense in that it will do damage to the character that's being targeted when he breaks it. But I have to say, that ability is kind of broken at the moment, since it clears all the bad tiles on the board.
  • DreamixDreamix Posts: 16Age Unconfirmed Just Dropped In
    During my first day playing Adventure Time Puzzle I recieved 2 Free characters Finn & Jake, but the gameplays on Youtube other players recieved Princess Bubblegum when you click "Recruit" then "Add". Why is it I not recieve Princess Bubblegum?
  • Dlriv83Dlriv83 Posts: 1Age Unconfirmed
    I too wonder how to change your bronze character to silver and gold. Please advise.
  • LakeStoneLakeStone Posts: 532ADMINISTRATORS Site Admin
    To acquire a silver or gold character, it needs to be done through the wishing pickle (Prismo).
  • Cant we upgrade the existing characters? I've took a long time to level my existing Finn, is he useless because I can't turn him into silver?
  • Just to confirm. Your roster characters can be upgraded via Prismo wishes. It can also jump from bronze directly to gold if you got lucky.
  • GrrlandoctGrrlandoct Posts: 1Age Unconfirmed
    It looks like I've unlocked all of the recruitable characters besides Magic Man. So, now I'm wondering if there will be more characters added on later. I'd love a Lady Rainicorn or even Cinnamon Buns. Even better would be MeMow.
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