MPQ Community Q&A #5 – February - Video Answer Time

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Hi everyone,

With one day left in the month - we're just in time for the February Marvel Puzzle Quest Community Q&A!

Last month's debut of the video format Q&A session got the thumbs-up from the MPQ community, so we're repeating the process.


Grab a handful of your favorite snacks, kick back and join a quartet of developers from Demiurge; Miles (Designer), Will (Lead Designer), Jae (Artist) and Casey (Designer), as they offer some answers to questions provided by forum-goers. Feel free to offer your feedback in the forum comments section and thanks for watching!

MPQ Community Q&A #5 – February - Video Answer Time:

*Update: Questions Answered:

"There have been rumblings about a daily non-competitive PVE or a third 'liquid' in the game to add ease with the transition to 3-Star. Can you provide any updates on this?"

"With more 4-Stars coming into the mix, are there any plans to increase the amount of Iso that can be gained from rewards?"

"Any progress you want to share on the fix for the Roster Slots prices?"

"What's the timeframe for a visible Shield cooldown timer? Once you've shielded, there's no way to see the remaining time left on the cooldown of a different length Shield."

"We generally understand that tiles are generated 'randomly' during a game. However, that has not stopped many of us from anecdotally observing that there are periods when the AI seems to constantly get favourable cascades, or that friendly countdown tiles (especially X-Force recovery) often seem to get cleared away in a ridiculously unlikely fashion. This could be explained by confirmation bias. Still, it would be nice if you could go on the record to settle any doubts and explain the game's tile generation process, and whether there are situations where it is not totally random."

"When deciding the artwork for a new character, are you allowed to use Marvel's previous works in comics or must you start your own from scratch?"

"How do you decide which characters get multiple versions (Storm, Wolverine, Thor, Black Widow, etc.) and should we expect to see many more multiple versions of existing characters to show up in the 'near future?'"

"What are your favorite MPQ teams to play as?"
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